Carpe. Diem-ed!

Thanks to all the folks who came out to Loakal for Carpe Diem and either watched our 24-hour dance with delirium or came to the opening the following week. Like last year, I managed to once again paint for the full 24 hours. Luckily this time I had company for most of the night to help mute the voices and hallucinations that accompany sleep deprivation.

Video by Sam Grant for Loakal.

Highly detailed 1.5" warm-up sketch. I had planned on filling up this page with ideas the night before, but the first idea looked fun to paint and this event was suppose to be about the spontaneity of creating in the moment right? So here we go...

Getting a little help from my friend.

Photo by Nastia Voynovskaya for Loakal 

Finished "Synapsthesia" at 8am the next day! Since my recent work has revolved around collective energies, Carpe Diem communal event was the perfect way to dive back into SF and art life after 7 months away overseas. 'Twas great to be painting with the homies again!

 I'm not the best at time management and could easily spend another 6-24 hours on this.

Max Kauffman caught mid-paint dancing.

Zoltron piece and Sam Grant shooting Lisa Pisa.

Mario Navasero with his daughter and Max. Big thanks to both these fine chaps for keeping it going to the wee morning hours and helping to keep me awake.

East Bay Express article with a photo from last year's work in progress.

Brett Amory painting and chatting it up with Jon Wentz.

Absolutely loved John Casey's preliminary sketch.

Finished crop of John Casey's work.

Marcos LaFarga giving us mixed blessings.

Ian Ross detail

Cameron Thompson's totem detail.

John Wentz detail.

Met up with this sausage party before the opening. Thanks John Casey for the photo.

Art Star.

Late nighters getting loose in front of Chris Granillo and Reggie Warlock's pieces.

One more photo thanks to Nastia Voynovskaya for Loakal  

Such a great time bonding with this talented crew. Cheers ya'll!

Check out Loakal Gallery's site for good shots of everyone's finished pieces and available work.

Carpe Diem press:

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