What’s Left SF - Luna Rienne Gallery - San Francisco

Sink or Swim

It's a perpetual struggle to stay afloat, both mentally and physically, under this weighted peninsula of energy and constant change. We can feel entirely overwhelmed and consumed while treading against ever-increasing currents of change and tidal surges, which are only intensified by life in the city. However, it is these same shifts that force internal change and can deliver a wealth of inspiration if you can only catch a breath to notice.

Created for the "What's Left SF" group showat Luna Rienne Galery featuring the following artists who’ve all lived and worked in San Francisco in the past decade:

Alec Huxley | Amanda Lynn | Andy Stattmiller | Brett Crawford | Brian Barneclo | Damon Soule | Daryll Peirce | David Young V | Delphyne Veyrat d'Urbet | Greg Pnut Galinsky | Justin Lovato | Kim Cogan | Leon Loucheur | Monty Guy | Nate1Tan | NoMe Edonna | Reuben Rude | Sirron Norris | Sparkles Positron | t.w.five | Ursula Young

"Many artists have begun their careers in San Francisco, flourished here, and, most likely, felt a shift in the zeitgeist of the city in recent years. Whether positive or negative, SF has left an indelible impression on them, and they would like the city’s current population to contemplate, celebrate, and otherwise react to their reflections. The purpose of the exhibition, which asks both “what has left” and “what is left", is to increase the dialogue about what some perceive as a diaspora and a cultural divide."

Opening Saturday, October 22, 6-9pm and showing through December 5, 2016

Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd Street (@Valencia), SF.

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