SF Transbay Transit Center Mural

Transbay mural by Daryll Peirce
Photo: Tadashi Yamaoda

I had a blast painting up my little 32' corner of the recently opened Transbay Terminal in San Francisco.

Salesforce Transbay Center architectural rendering
ArtSpan SF corralled 38 artists to paint the entire street level of the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center over a 3-5 day period. These individual manifestations were contracted to liven up the exterior of this architectural achievement while the interior construction is underway and retail spaces built out over the next year.

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 1

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 2

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural teamwork
I was lucky enough to get two friends' help for this quick three day turnaround wall. Massive thank you to Mario Navasero and Kristi Holohan for availing themselves to assist and provide endless laughs and camaraderie.

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 3
Final strokes

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural detail
For those interested, this was my concept proposal which gives the gist of how this entity came to be:

“I wish to celebrate the thriving energy and vibrancy that the city of San Francisco both harnesses and inspires in those lucky enough to live within or visit. At the center is a sphere of raw, dynamic energy–an interwoven enigmatic phenomenon representing the “magic” moment that exists between matter and energy, between an idea and a reality. For me, San Francisco is the place where these abstract concepts and the metaphysical become reality. We are in constant flux, pushing, pulling and reacting to this pulsating life-force of creativity.”

Mario Navasero and Daryll Peirce Artspan mural

SF Transbay Center interior atrium
Transbay interior atrium with floor installation by Julie Chang

Nigel Sussman mural
There's 38 murals to peruse at the site, so I thought I'd just share my kiddos' favorites. Here's my boy loving the work of Nigel Sussman.

Sugabus mural
My daughter with a portion of her favorite work by Sugabus

Transbay Center rooftop park
Photo: Matt Edge

San Francisco Transbay Terminal rooftop park
Go to the public rooftop park! It's a splendor of landscape architectural beauty and a calming green oasis above the busy SoMa streets.

San Francisco Transbay Terminal opening day
I couldn't make it to the opening day, but not too sad about that based upon this photo. Yeesh, that's quite an infestation of humans.


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Your art is absolutely magical and magnificent! This is Kelly from Saturday and I'd love to chat more about purchasing your art as well as interviewing you and your friends (and families if interested) in my documentary. You can reach me at 415.463.9958. Blessings... ✌️💓🙏

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