COVID 19 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Covid 19 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Gold LP

Sometime back in April a friend hit me up about a need to focus his dystopian anxieties into a new project for his label. This compilation is the result, of which I was more than happy to be a part of for the same reason.

This record is a reaction against the onslaught of a disease that's brought global despair and with it the upending of life as we knew it. In the words of Bader, who runs Superhero Records, "I wanted to have this record represent the zeitgeist of the dystopian and lonely dark weeks during the complete shutdown." The album also features a track from Yuppicide, who's singer is the mutual friend who introduced us.

Some years back, my family and I were visiting/living in Berlin for a winter and I would hang in Bader's Cupcake Berlin shop in Friedrichshain for some solo sketching nights–plus cupcakes of course! I ended up creating some artwork for postcards and shirts for the shop and later, when Covid took over our world, he hit me up looking for stark black and white art that gave an overwhelming feeling of the isolation many of us were experiencing. My work does abide.

The album features both unreleased and remastered tracks from Covid 19, Hardcore Connection, I-Reject, Wisdom in Chains, Merauder, Doom Day, Down My Throat, First Blood, Vendetta, Yuppicide, T.S.O.L., Sheer Terror, Dmize, Devil Inside, Last Hope, Anticops, and Ryker's. It comes with a poster of the cover art as well as some stickers of my little covid-headed figure. Ominous layout by Timo Schlosser from Bureau Omega.

Covid 19 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Covid 19 Album back cover

Covid 19 Album cover

Snag one from Coretex Records here and help some Berliners get through this crisis (available in Ltd gold, green or black vinyl). Thanks Bader, Timo, and Jesse Jones!

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