COVID 19 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Covid 19 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Gold LP

Sometime back in April a friend hit me up about a need to focus his dystopian anxieties into a new project for his label. This compilation is the result, of which I was more than happy to be a part of for the same reason.

This record is a reaction against the onslaught of a disease that's brought global despair and with it the upending of life as we knew it. In the words of Bader, who runs Superhero Records, "I wanted to have this record represent the zeitgeist of the dystopian and lonely dark weeks during the complete shutdown." The album also features a track from Yuppicide, who's singer is the mutual friend who introduced us.

Some years back, my family and I were visiting/living in Berlin for a winter and I would hang in Bader's Cupcake Berlin shop in Friedrichshain for some solo sketching nights–plus cupcakes of course! I ended up creating some artwork for postcards and shirts for the shop and later, when Covid took over our world, he hit me up looking for stark black and white art that gave an overwhelming feeling of the isolation many of us were experiencing. My work does abide.

The album features both unreleased and remastered tracks from Covid 19, Hardcore Connection, I-Reject, Wisdom in Chains, Merauder, Doom Day, Down My Throat, First Blood, Vendetta, Yuppicide, T.S.O.L., Sheer Terror, Dmize, Devil Inside, Last Hope, Anticops, and Ryker's. It comes with a poster of the cover art as well as some stickers of my little covid-headed figure. Ominous layout by Timo Schlosser from Bureau Omega.

Covid 19 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

Covid 19 Album back cover

Covid 19 Album cover

Snag one from Coretex Records here and help some Berliners get through this crisis (available in Ltd gold, green or black vinyl). Thanks Bader, Timo, and Jesse Jones!

Melvins Valentine's Day Poster

Melvins Valentine's Day poster

I've got a new fluffy Melvins poster here to snuggle. Lizzy, a surprise multi-headed Valentine's Day gift, is inspired by some of the critters that have graced past album covers plus a few more friendly house pets.

This is my fourth poster for the band and was created for their romantic Valentine's soirée at the Mystic in Petaluma, CA. I got to catch the band play at Slim's a couple nights before in SF with bonus bassist Kevin Rutmanis (The Cows, Tomahawk) playing from the back balcony, pulverizing our guts from both ends with Steven McDonald. Plus, my Mom's two favorite bands opened!

I'm told these posters sold out rather quickly at the show, but I've got some more now available in my shop.

Melvins Valentine's Day poster detail

Melvins original Valentine drawing

Melvins poster at scale

• 18"x24" 4-color silkscreen gig poster
• Limited edition of 100, hand signed and numbered prints
• 100lb Cougar Smooth Natural Cover archival paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA.
• Posters ship in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube

Available here.

Thank you Melvins, Monolith Press & Secret Serpents!

Mudhoney Posters - Jersey City, NJ

Happy to share my latest show poster for Mudhoney!

Metallic blue variant

16x20" Original ink drawing


variant detail
• 18"x24"
• Limited edition of 100 / Variant edition of 15
• Hand signed and numbered
• 2 color silkscreen gig poster
• 100lb Cougar Smooth Natural archival cover paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA

Available now in my shop.

Thank you Mudhoney, Secret Serpents and Monolith Press!

Also, in getting caught up with all things Mudhoney for this project, I checked out the I'm Now, the Story of Mudhoney documentary as well as a recent interview with frontman Mark Arm on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast. Both highly recommended in rediscovering the band's influence, history, and how their distorted sound developed along the way.

Trailer for I'm Now

Melvins / Redd Kross Posters

Attempting to control chaos with this new poster for the Melvins and Redd Kross, who will be kicking off their “Escape From L.A.” U.S. tour with this show in my favorite venue in San Diego, The Casbah. This one took me on a journey with some twists and turns, but I’m extremely pleased with the end result. Remember, if you’re going to melt, always melt upwards!

Original “Creeping Cognitive Dissonance” inkwork

Extra melty Holographic Lava Foil variant edition of 13!

All good things come in threes right? Well this here’s my third poster for the Melvins–once again masterfully printed by Monolith Press. Grab one at the show or from me thereafter.

• 18"x24" 5-color silkscreen gig poster
• Limited edition of 100, hand signed and numbered prints
• Holographic Lava Foil variant edition of 13!
• 100lb Cougar Smooth Natural archival cover paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA.
• Posters ship in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube

Available now in my shop.

Thank you Melvins, Redd Kross, Secret Serpents & Monolith Press!

TRPS Rock Art by the Bay

TRPS Rock Art by the Bay Graphic
I'm honored to be exhibiting with The Rock Poster Society (TRPS) this weekend for Rock Art By the Bay. This one-day event will again be taking place at one of my favorite beering places, Faction Brewing, which is located in an old airplane hanger on the isle of Alameda. Come check out an array of rock and poster art by the legends and newcomers like myself:

John Mavroudis, Justin McNeal (Secret Serpents), Gregg Gordon, John Howard, Carolyn Ferris, Alexandra Fischer, Chris Shaw, Lil’ Tuffy, John Seabury, Daryll Peirce, Mike Dolgushkin, Ryan Kerrigan, Stanley Mouse, Jorge E. Gamboa, Marq Spusta, Frank Alan Bella, Mark Henson, Lee Conklin, David Singer, Mark DeVito, Jon Paul Bail, Jim Ford

Rock Art By the Bay
Saturday June 8th, 2019 from 12pm-7pm.

Faction Brewing Co.
2501 Monarch St.
Alameda, CA 94501

FREE, all ages and families are welcome!

Saturday also coincides with East Bay Open Studios, so get your art on all day, then come have a beer with us at Faction while you peruse posters made by a bunch of talented weirdos.

Thanks Marty and the TRPS Crew for having me on board!

TRPS Rock Art by the Bay Poster
(2019 TRPS poster art by Frank Alan Bella)

UFOMAMMUT Screenprint Poster

Ufomammut silkscreen printed poster
Pleased to share these new tormented melty beasts for the mighty UFOMAMMUT. A limited-edition five color screenprint poster for the Italian psych-doom trio who are currently engaged in their "20 Years of Ufomammut" US tour.

Ufomammut poster ink drawing
Original ink

Ufomammut poster process animated gif

Ufomammut poster detail 1
Tusky details

Ufomammut poster detail 2
An unearthly end to a primitive being

Ufomammut poster detail 3
I worked my above broken femur into the art, floating atop the pooling acidic alien goo. This giant stupid bone played a heavy role in the struggle to get these completed and delivered on time. Much of this was created laying down, my busted leg in the air, whilst marinating in a stew of pain meds.

• 18"x24"
• Limited edition silkscreen print of 100, hand signed and numbered
• 5 color silkscreen gig poster
• Cougar Smooth Opaque 100lb natural cover archival paper
• Printed at Seizure Palace in Portland, OR.
• Posters ship numerically by order in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube
* Limit 2 per customer

Available now in my shop...

Ufomammut live at the Oakland Metro Operahouse
Got to catch Ufomammut here at the Oakland Metro Operahouse a few nights ago

Thank you Urlo, Vita, and Poia of Ufomammut, Secret Serpents, and a huge thanks to Portland's Seizure Palace for coming through with such masterful printing in such a timely hustle!

45 RPM: 45 Years of Southern Exposure at Minnesota Street Project

SoEx is having their annual benefit art auction on March 23 and I've contributed a most-fitting piece on a vinyl record in support. I'll also have another drawing available as part of a raffle. Then there's the slew of other talented folks who gifted their works to the cause. So, grab some tickets in support and join the party.

45 REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE, 45 YEARS OF SOUTHERN EXPOSURE is a celebration of Southern Exposure's support for the Bay Area's diverse art ecosystems through the decades. On March 23, the grand atrium of Minnesota Street Project will be the stage for highlighting some of the greatest A-Side hits from SoEx’s history of presenting cutting edge artworks. Join us for vintage vinyl spinning by DJ Hot Fruit, pop-up performances, and the chance to bid on more than 100 works of contemporary art from emerging and internationally recognized artists through live and silent auctions.

Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota St, San Francisco, CA 94107

Saturday, March 23, 2019
6:00 PM Doors Open
8:00 PM Live Auction
9:15 PM Silent Auction begins to close

More details and full artist list on SoEx's site here.

Mudhoney Poster

Mudhoney show poster

My latest silkscreen poster for SubPop legends of the Seattle music scene, Mudhoney! Just your average wandering sound explorer here, sensing and feeling his way through some curious flora in a foreign land.

Mudhoney poster signature

Mudhoney numbered gig poster

• 18"x24"
• Limited edition of 100, hand signed and numbered
• 4 color silkscreen gig poster
• 100lb archival cover paper
• Printed at Monolith Press in Alameda, CA
• Posters ship numerically by order in a reusable 3Mil plastic sleeve within a sturdy round 3" mailing tube
* Limit 2 per customer

Available now in my shop over yonder.

Original ink drawing
Original inkwork
Mudhoney poster detail

Mudhoney by Daryll Peirce detail

Thank you Mudhoney for the jams, Secret Serpents for connecting us and Monolith Press for the masterful-as-always screenprinting!

SF Transbay Transit Center Mural

Transbay mural by Daryll Peirce
Photo: Tadashi Yamaoda

I had a blast painting up my little 32' corner of the recently opened Transbay Terminal in San Francisco.

Salesforce Transbay Center architectural rendering
ArtSpan SF corralled 38 artists to paint the entire street level of the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center over a 3-5 day period. These individual manifestations were contracted to liven up the exterior of this architectural achievement while the interior construction is underway and retail spaces built out over the next year.

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 1

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 2

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural teamwork
I was lucky enough to get two friends' help for this quick three day turnaround wall. Massive thank you to Mario Navasero and Kristi Holohan for availing themselves to assist and provide endless laughs and camaraderie.

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural process 3
Final strokes

Artspan Transbay Terminal mural detail
For those interested, this was my concept proposal which gives the gist of how this entity came to be:

“I wish to celebrate the thriving energy and vibrancy that the city of San Francisco both harnesses and inspires in those lucky enough to live within or visit. At the center is a sphere of raw, dynamic energy–an interwoven enigmatic phenomenon representing the “magic” moment that exists between matter and energy, between an idea and a reality. For me, San Francisco is the place where these abstract concepts and the metaphysical become reality. We are in constant flux, pushing, pulling and reacting to this pulsating life-force of creativity.”

Mario Navasero and Daryll Peirce Artspan mural

SF Transbay Center interior atrium
Transbay interior atrium with floor installation by Julie Chang

Nigel Sussman mural
There's 38 murals to peruse at the site, so I thought I'd just share my kiddos' favorites. Here's my boy loving the work of Nigel Sussman.

Sugabus mural
My daughter with a portion of her favorite work by Sugabus

Transbay Center rooftop park
Photo: Matt Edge

San Francisco Transbay Terminal rooftop park
Go to the public rooftop park! It's a splendor of landscape architectural beauty and a calming green oasis above the busy SoMa streets.

San Francisco Transbay Terminal opening day
I couldn't make it to the opening day, but not too sad about that based upon this photo. Yeesh, that's quite an infestation of humans.