BEAU SHAVER 12.7.77 - 01.10.07

The year started off pretty goddamn shitty. I lost one of my best friends on 1/10/07, Beau Shaver. I really don't know where to start with how much I'll miss you. Its so hard to think of you not here making everyone smile whether they wanted to or not. Who else is going to bear hug me so hard I can't get out? Or have the most intense of conversations? Or run around naked like an ape in a crowd of people? Or have such a ridiculous laugh?

I was looking through all my photos with you and about half of them are blurred. Thats how I'll always remember you. Always in motion, constantly making everyone's lives richer and living with a passion and lust for life and love that I have never met in another soul. Inspirational, fearless, courageous, strong, loving, friend, family, brother, the list could and will go on forever. I love you and we will all miss you more than words can ever tell.

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