Nieve came to visit me in Oakland. If you haven't been to the DeYoung Museum yet, go. It's free to go up in the lookout tower.

Across the way is the construction of the new Acadamy of Sciences building. It's suppose to be the "greenest" sustainable venture to date. The living roof will provide 90% of the running (non-drinkable) water amongst many other features.

Nieve sitting on one of Andy Goldsworthy's rocks brought in from England

My sister came to visit too. Here she is perched up on the bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden. Go there too. Relax.

Gang of Four (card game)

Nieve's first SF bike adventure

Tulips and poppies down at the windmills on Ocean Beach. I love dusk.

Furniture show at Fifty24SF. Here's some ladies stroking Jeremy Fish's Turtle, ewww.

New Herert Baglione piece outside Upper Playground

Oakland Tiki bar puffer

Need to take the ferry more often

The San Francisco prison

GG Bridge ride.

So, from the southwest corner of the DeYoung tower you'll see a perfect grassy knoll hill popping out between the buildings. It looked perfect for a picnic or drinkin' spot. After driving around for a while we found it at the top of Noriega St. It's well worth checking out, although about as windy as Twin Peaks, so unless you get one of those rare hot days with no wind, I wouldn't recommend a picnic.

Here's the steps leading up to one part of the hill:

And here's the views from up there. Twin Peaks.

Golden Gate Park

The Sunset

South Sunset

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