Adam 5100

Just came across some photos I took of Adam 5100 and his work last December. Check out his site or work in person and you'll find some insanely detailed multi-layer stencil work interpreting forgotten places and subjects of contemporary Americana.

I originally met Adam a few years back through another stencil aficionado and mutual friend, Logan Hicks. I think Adam showed us around to various Oakland bars when I first moved there. If you live in the Bay, you probably know him anyway as he's just one of those doods that knows everyone and seems to brings on the laughter and good times.

Some work ready to ship for an upcoming show.

Adam & studio. RIP. The studio not Adam.

Adam hooked me up with an SF show and a couple faces. Yay me!

Came across this on the walk to wherever I was walking.

I have a ramp at our house in Oakland now. It's small and not pool coping, but it's wide and in my backyard! Can't wait to move back.

Not mine, but inspiring none-the-less.

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