SF to Reno

Headed back to SF to hang a show with Ferris Plock at StumbleUpon. Here's Ferris and Christine, the lovely curator and Stumble partner.

This was my first time seeing Ferris' work in person. Most of the pieces were dern big and several were collabs with his wife Kelly Tunstall. Good stuff!

Some of my new pieces up on them walls. 15 pieces total.

Meet the arms behind Paying in Pain, Tadashi's roommate and soon to be my roommate on day 4 of no insurance = no hospital. Last I heard he finally got an appointment to get his arm fixed after getting denied a couple times. Can you tell which one?

Radio is doing some live paint action now.

Median lurking.

New sculptures being created down the way from our house in West Oakland. Check 'em out on Mandela Pkwy across from Brown Sugar.

Skated the Portrero park for the first time and learned Hightower was playing up the road. This is Hot Lunch, a band definitely worth 4 hairwhips. Good stuff. Couldn't stay for Hightower unfortunately, had to get to this speakeasy house party deal.

Poles in homes are neat.

Tadashi's toothbrush steez.

Koozie hands.


Must be spring, hooray!

Breakfast @ Rudy's.

Greg and I went to skate Portrero again. This skateboarding looks a lot more like sitting and beering.

Greg's board got mad at me for being lazy.

Working on the sides of houses in the Bay area is hard. Here's my dad squeezing in the 18" space between us and my neighbor's home.


Cats & Tats. Thanks Jake.

The night somehow led us to tranny karaoke. Enjoi:

So many rad doods, like JD here. Love it ever time I get to my hometown.

What better way to spend a morning after tranny karaoke? Why Easter Sunday with the family of course. This dog pile was the highlight. I also got to see some photos of my cousin Braden doing some bull riding. Good to see someone else in my family destroying their body in the name of fun.

Rosy has never shot a gun. In fact, she's quite anti-gun. But you can't date a guy from Reno for this long and not get down with popp'n off a few rounds at some hub caps and old washing machines off the uncle's porch.

I'm having a hard time figuring out this campaign at the Reno airport.

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