Down yonder and over there

Last week I ventured down South and "Golden Age" at New Puppy Gallery was the first stop. Here's Dabs & Myla reveling in the completion of their first large-scale US show.

Great mixed crowd with the band Cosio playing above.

Some details of the Aussie duo's work inspired by the last 5 months of their LA/American experience.

3 pieces I had supplied for the exhibit. I hadn't shown in Southern California for a bit, so it was nice to premier my newer work with these amazing people in such a beautiful space.

Honky Kong

Dabs and LC who is so smooth his drinks even match his clothing.

Dabs, Myla and Craola collaboration piece

Also got to meet Paul Chatem and his lovely lady here in person. I've been digging his work at The Shooting Gallery for a while now.

Peat Wollaeger

The Ice Cream Man (Matt) who I got the pleasure of traveling, rollercoastering and adventuring with last year. Wish we could have hung out more, but will be hanging out next week again in Miami along with several of these folks here for Art Basel. Check out his Road Trippin' travelling show where musicians such as Daniel Johnston, MGMT and Band of Horses happily perform in cozy locations including the ice cream truck on his travelling guitar. Well done sir, your life is awesome!

Met Patrick and Tanya from C.A.V.E. Gallery who I've heard nothing but greatness about from artists and patrons alike. I'll be showing with them for the first time in January.

Dabs and Myla's friends travelled from Oz for the show and a 2 week American road trip fueled by donuts, burgers and hot dogs.

Stayed with some talented Renoites and Reno-LA transplants I've had the pleasure of knowing as far back as middle school. What we have here are filmakers, designers, djs, musicians and artists leaving for a 2 week Japanese adventure–look out! We also were treated to some of Kara's home-made Kambucha. So good, plus, it's like making $1 with each gulp.

This is Danny hanging loose and posing for his "skater" graduation photo. We met skating in San Diego some years back and although we're not what we used to be, we still managed to have an epicly mediocre LA street session.

Off to San Diego to visit friends, family and our dogs who both live there now. Here's Rosy's grandfather Howie (on banjo) playing with one of his 7 bands. Did I mention he's 93? Now get off your ass.

Sergio Hernandez (Surge), who also had work in "Golden Age" was also having a solo show the next night at Voz Alta in San Diego. He's probably the most prolific artist I know.

He has really cool, funny and endearing written descriptions for each piece. You should go there and read them to smile.

Our aforementioned dogs.

Staying with Eva, Chris and Aaron has it's benefits like being on the beach, good times and 14 boards to choose from.

And then I was eaten.

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JT said...

Wow! You cats were really moving. What a success!

Keep me posted on the next Southern California exhibit/road trip.

Awesome connecting if only briefly.