Dan & Jill

Lady Jill Switchblade of Portlandia commissioned me to paint an oil masterpiece of legendary grandeur in celebration of her epic adventure into wedlock with Sir Daniel of Reno. Dan and Jill hast since been married and layeth San Francisco to rubble as they ventured East in search of warmer climates to yon Oakland. There they doth dwell in the not so far away land with cat wizard Knuckles and cat warrior Kulo.

I had a great time throwing back some mead with Jill and brainstorming on all the symbolism within our metal album cover, bodice ripper romance, fantasy, Frazetta-esce hybrid culmination as a surprise to her hubby to be. Twas fun working on a commission that made me laugh every time I sat down to work. 

Congrats on your first anniversary lovebirds! Enter best man speech here.


Switchblade! said...

Yeah kid!!! What a fun and amazing experience to commission a piece like this from a friend and really talented artist. I kind of can't believe our luck in somehow coercing you to do this piece and it turned out even better than the dreams that it was made from. Thanks, mayne!! Just let me know if you want me to paint you and Rosy. ;)

Dan said...

How do I land these hoofs on the ground!!!? Thanks for painting us together forever, this is the best gift I could ask for from my wife and best man. Hopefully one day we can get a castle for it. Btw, thanks for pumping up my pecks a little. I don't know how you knew but that's so how I look in my imagination. YTMND.