The Monster Show

The season of fright and horror is here and Halloween is around the corner. I painted this lady having a snake party on her dome called "Moment of Decapitation" for the Monster Show opening on Tuesday at Project One, San Francisco.

MONSTER SHOW curated by Angela Holmes
October 18th – November 1st
Opening reception: Tuesday, October 18th 7pm.
Project One Gallery 251 Rhode Island Street, San Francisco.

A horror and monster movie inspired show, featuring an impressive group of artists from all facets of the illustration, textile and fine art worlds, conjuring a wealth of imagery that will pay tribute to classic monsters, ghouls, villains and horror movie characters, as well as sci-fi and cult films, and urban legends.

Aiyana Udesen / Matt Furie / Robert Bowen / Jay Howell / Ryan De La Hoz / Justin Lovato / Nate Van Dyke / David Cook / Bo Heimlich / Audrey Erickson / Daryll Peirce / Erin McCarty / Sam Snowden / Allie Felton / Helen Baley / Ben Walker / Matt Ritchie (Matt136) / Jesse Balmer / Isaac Bidwell / Daniel Fleres

‘Monster Show’ will have an interactive opening reception, including monster piƱatas, horror movies screening in the lounge throughout the night. Guests are welcome to dress in costume.

Prints now available:

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