The Pigeon Lover

Much of my recent work has been about the mysterious connections between us and our environments as well as the magical space that exists between science and phenomena. Nikolas Tesla lived in these spaces. A revolutionary genius, Tesla both discovered and harnessed then unknown and invisible energies already surrounding us and the resonate frequency of the earth itself. It was as if he could see the unseen and needed only to develop the instrumentation and concepts to share it with all the doubting dotes.

Tesla’s obsession for science was driven by a mania beyond passion all with the purpose of furthering man’s understanding of our world and finding peace through science and art. His head lived in the clouds while his hands worked diligently to interpret the dreams into realities.

His discoveries were rewarded with exploitation, insult, and slander from the greedy string-pulling powers of his era. Plagued by knowledge too advanced for his time along with financial struggles, this man that gave us our modern world as we know it lived out his remaining elder years as a reclusive pigeon lover slowly losing control of his extraordinary mind in a New York hotel room.

This is my interpretation of Tesla trying to see through his own fog of chaotic brilliance.

"Half the Story" is a portrait group show currently up at 63 Bluxome Street Gallery which includes artists Akira Beard, Ashley Hinceman, Brett Amory, Brian Canio, Buddy Nestor, Carrie Cottini, C.B. Canga, Cody Schibi, Daryll Peirce, Delphyne Veyrat D' Urbet, Goran Rajkovic, Joe Mur, John Casey, John Wentz, Jonathan Wayshak, Lauren YS, Leon Jay Loucheur, Mario Man, Max Kauffman, Mike Law, Monty Guy, Paul Bustamante, Ransom & Mitchell, Rine Boyer, Shaun Roberts, Ryan Napoli, Sheila C, and Visible Damage.

The show runs from 8/9/14 to 9/27/14.

Also, for those wanting a fun read and hilarious comic on Mr. Tesla, his inventions, his mind and that rat bastard Edison, check out this strip by The Oatmeal who is also behind the creation of the Tesla Museum in New York with the "Mr. Tesla, we're sorry humanity forgot about you for a little while. We still love you lots. Here's a Goddamn Museum" project.

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