Art Beats SF

I'll be showing with my friends at Loakal for the Bay Art Beats art and performance fair/event this Friday-Sunday, September 26th - 28th at Pier 70 in San Francisco. Come on out as the whole thing is free (excluding the Sat night afterparty) and includes talent from all the fine folks and galleries shown here, plus many more.

Loakal's booth will host Sam Grant, Lauren YS, Daryll Peirce, Shaun Roberts, Rian Dundon, Terry Furry, John Wentz, Clint Imboden, Plus live painting by Cameron Thompson.

Excited to hang with my Loakal, LeQuiVIve, Luna Rienne, Faultline, RPS and Zero Friends crews too whilst good jams fill the atmosphere. Thanks to Lauren Napolitano and team for organizing a new friendly art fair to our city.

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