PULP: Weird Works on Panel and Paper

Well I've been just terrible at updating this here space. There's been new work, shows, projects, world travels, Art Basels, and more that I've let slip through the informative cracks. I've been quite occupied juggling my growing family and relying on the ease and laziness of posting via social media. I hope to write more in the future but not as much as I hope to sleep. I'm also working on getting a new site created as well...finally!

"PULP: Weird Works on Paper"
Recently, I had the pleasure of working with curators Kelsey Marie and Kate Kuaimoku for a fun weird exhibition at the Public Works' Roll Up Gallery here in SF. I was happy to jump on board when I saw my pal John Casey's work on the promo stuffs (above image). Although John was away in Denver for the opening, we still had a nice John-less celebration and I met some new friendly folks. I managed to squeeze in some very large work along with several smaller pieces into this cozy space.  It opened July 12th, but is still on view for a few more days so please stop by or make an appointment if you have the chance. My large 8'x8' piece has been moved out of the gallery and into Public Works' front lobby so that can be visited anytime over the next year.

Artists: John Casey, Daryll Peirce, Jae Chan Lee, Jacqueline Cooper, Jennifer Schnell, Rachel Houser, Kate Kuaimoku. Curated by: Kelsey Marie(The Midway) and Kate Kuaimoku

Public Works is at 161 Erie Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Contact gallery@publicsf.com or (415) 496-6738 for questions or to schedule a viewing. 
PublicSF.com  |  FB Event Page

Makers Jennifer Schnell, Kate Kuaimoku, Kelsey Marie, Rachel Houser and moi

Thanks for coming out Marcos LaFarga, Dave Correia, and Robert Bowen.

"Undulating Geode" 16"x16" acrylic on panel

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