Late on these here posts, oh well. Moving on, we got settled and sat down to eat just as the ball was dropping so we got a late start on the Brooklyn festivities. Time to wake up for 6 stories of unstable floors, stairwells and people.

Kind of weirded out by this. Thanks Jesse.

WK Rosy

Sunrise at the I Hate Life and Just Want to Sleep café.

After a day of missing the sun and feeling spectacular we headed to AdHoc to see what was on the walls and visit with owners and Peripheral Media Project's Alison and Garrison.

The show was beautiful with all large-scale wood and lino cut pieces hung alongside their respective prints from Brooklyn's street representatives.

Dennis McNett close-up.

There was also a bonus surprise in the project room filled with C215's work.

Alison and Garrison were having a full week prepping for their "From the Streets of Brooklyn" show at Thinkspace in LA. They had plenty of energy to share even with their time restraints. Rad peeps!

Around the corner at Logan Hicks' studio in the 3rd Ward building to meet up with Kristen and show the space to some friends.

Close-up of one of Logan's background stencils.

And finally to Logan's house for some good times with his and Kristen's son, Sailor.

It's a great place to get barfed on by dog's or babies. Here's Jay enjoying the introduction.

Jesse getting prepared for his DJ gig at "Drawathon".

We hung out for a while sketching and listening to a few bands.

Brooklyn Promenade towers

Still work'n on 'em

Nice one.

Back at Logan's with Demer and family.

Day of Chelsea galleries.

Jesse again holding a photo of his pa, who unfortunately passed away last year. Wish I could have met him. From Jesse's stories sure sounds like a great guy. Here's a photo of him on stage directing DeNiro.

Frozen Hudson chunks on the train ride upstate to Beacon.

Back to the Open Space Gallery to visit with our homies Dan, Kalene and Easton and to see the work of course.

Dan and I got a surprise interview from a student. We had to wear the hat.

Kalene with one of her latest pieces shipping off to AdHoc/Thinkspace's "From the Streets of Brooklyn" show I mentioned earlier.

Free MOMA night.

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Jesse said...

Daryll, you tasted great! Oh I mean it was great having you hooligans trash my apartment! Scout missing peeing on you.